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The Brumbies

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Now here we have the tales of six cats three associated with Janet and then three with both Janet and John.

Now the cats that are showing above and the ones below look very much like most of the cats I am writing about no photos existing of them.

Janet reports that when she was living at home in Forest Hill London England that first there was Tim who was a grey and white cat.
Now all of these four cats did one thing in common, they spent their time going to a Mrs Crack next door and only came home to sleep in the evenings, or on occasions they went to see Mrs LeGrys next door on the other side.
It is possible that Tim was around when a bomb went off that destroyed part of the house killing Janet's Grandmother in the Second World War.
We have no information on how long they lived but Janet's parents (the Dunkerton's) did not like dogs.

Then after this came Blackie (interesting because we named a dog Blackie) so Blackie was mostly black as the name suggests.
Now again Mrs Crack comes into the picture because for all the cats it was not known if she was telling them off or whether she was telling Mr Crack off, it all sounded the same every time whether the cats were there or not.

So when the next cat came it was mostly black as well but had to be called Waggles on account that it waggled its tail, and did the same visiting as the ones before.

That ends the saga of cats until we came to Australia

The first cat that came into our lives (at Kyogle NSW) was the a stray kitten that was Tortoiseshell in colour and we named her Tiger as she used sharp claws.
We had Lady the Dachsund with us and it took awhile for them to get on with each other, often Tiger climbed straight up the curtains and would not come down.
By contrast the next door cat that we called Whitey (being white) played all day with Lady, they had great fun. even hiding behind a single stem of grass to try and jump out on each other (more for the blogs here).
Eventually Tiger and Lady got on with each other and slept on our bed one on each side at the bottom.

The last cat was Gavin a dominant grey male that come from next door where we are now in Rutherglen Victoria until the owner moved out to his sisters taking Gavin with him.
Gavin had been going to our house before we even owned it to those who owned it then, he got fed and fussed with by them, so he kept it up afterwards. Friends were living in our house so we lived down the road and Princess was with us.
When we moved in Princess and all, Gavin used to meet me outside until he was moved.

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