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More on How To Promote Your Website

We have seen that websites on there own rarely get seen but there are many ways that we can improve being seen

So this page is a continuation on other specific ways on how to promote your website where I am using the 'Websquash' format.
You will note I am adding pages with other topics on the subject and on how to look after your computer and your website.
So I will not only be presenting Websquash links but other ones, noting that even they do the same in their website.
There are many other ones like a galaxy of them.

You should simply click on the underlined link in each step to take you to the site where to find out and do it

Outer Space

More things to do in The Simple Order To Follow

How then do we first add an Business URL (your website) to a directory Websquash has one? We go to this different  ' Add Url ' and we start with free submissions then later check out paid ones

Here is another reason to go to Contactfor Websquash for I am told by their staff that it is also possible to get your site hosted with them, so you could use this to ask them about it.

Top Ranking in Google and major Search engines is what you need to head towards being noticed on the front page of a search Top Ranking you will find that various plans are shown that you can follow remember the more you are out there the better it becomes to be seen

Now we return to what is called Search Engine Optimization commonly called SEO below I have shown an entry in Google on the front page of a search. Take a lot more time to study what SEO is and let Websquash help you, in the end you will do a lot better.
An instant indexing search engine with free search engine submission, ranking service, best seo tools, submit url, free seo and business marketing.

Again take a lot more time getting to know Blogging there are aslo Forums as well where you can get known, the more known the better it becomes, also use a signature type  on emails as mine below showing our business that can be found in Google.

John Brumby
Arke Promotions

My favorite Cat

 More Web Promotion

When we start life in making more of an impact on the Internet we start to get the shocks of a new born baby on what we really do not know about life on the Internet. So many scams are out there and it is easy to be caught up in them. Then there is the shock of being seen as a scam through miss-information that others put out there So to finish this page I am returning to what was said before but saying a little more about them

So take time to review what are called  Bundledpackages not all will suit what you are doing such as backlinks got from wrong sources or done the wrong way may not impress Google, but having the right ones or the right mix can do the opposite. Obviously if you can get backlinks both ways to businesses you know that is the best way to go.

Here again on needs to be careful in Social Marketingwherever it is such as Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter etc there are those who just want you to leave what you are doing to grab onto you as a slave to them. Keep your vision alive do not let others steal it.

So make sure what your business plan is, so that you can choose what is right and really designed to Boost Your Business therefore giving you real possibilities on what to do according to what your business really is.

Search for Local Business listings such as Local Listing where they are better seen in a local context in Google, there are Google Maps to show where you are and you can in your Google use their free business listing it is good to use Gmail as a secure email system.

Too much use of this can have to wrong effect Search Engine Blaster but use it to blast the message out to get a product or service known.

Having EDU Backlinks or other specific backlinks that even you can create such as getting local businesses etc to join in doing them together.

This is big time but do not be caught up in other peoples ones, but build your own using Facebook Promotion as I said before Facebook is really big for being able to promote your business or your organization and is very important to be used.

Build genuine traffic to your site there is so much that is not you must have that which leads to clients or customers so check out Web Traffic it can be a good thing.

So explore this area of backlinks is Blog Backlinks they must relate to what you do noting again Google looks for relevant content in what is presented.

Make sure that you get  good video content such as White Board Animation
can look around and see others as well there are lots out there.

John and Janet Brumby
Janet and John Brumby


A new service has been added to Websquash in the area of  Advertising  so I am including it here because paying for good spots can help you in great ways.

 Now it comes to show my little piece we have personally at Arke Promotions three PhpLD Directory Listing websites that cover the world in general
 Saint Posts Australia and Saint Posts USA  the Arke Promotions where you can list business as other things you do.