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Pumpkin Brumby

Pumpkin Brumby

Save The Brumbies STB Pumpkin Australia

Our name is John and Janet Brumby and we sponsor a brumby called Pumpkin and gladly call her Pumpkin Brumby and see her as part of the family

Pumpkin seems to have an official name called STB Brumby because she was rescued from extinction by the Save the Brumbies Organization

How did I get to know about Pumpkin and the Save the Brumbies Organization, well because we do have a business I was checking up on JR JF Brumby in Google annd found us there but also found Save the Brumbies Organization

So I went to their site and fell in love with Pumpkin, so did my wife Janet, you see I had a nickname Pumpkin, but it did not end there, because I also saw a brumby called Princess, now our dog is named Princess, and more amazingly we find that Pumkin's best friend is the brumby called Princess



Wow! Princess our dog has the same colours and expression of Princess the brumby

So with our name called Brumby how could we not sponsor a brumby called Pumpkin

We found that it was very easy to sponsor a brumby as it shows up well on the Save the Brumbies Organization website, there is also a place to adopt a brumby for those who have the facilities to do so, and yes there is a place to even give a donation to this wonderful work.

You can donate, sponsor, adopt a brumby or brumbies

Here is our own website as one's who love being a sponsor for Pumpkin at Save the Brumbies Organization

I aknowledge that the source of much of the material in this website comes from the Save the Brumbies Organization
Especially the pictures and also from
Caring for Australia's Wild Horses  Jan Carter  2016
Though what is written in this website is in my own words John Brumby 2016
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